About Us

Welcome to Larkas, the home for fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts! Founded in 2022, we strive to reflect our love for bodybuilding in each of our creations. Designed to be both functional and fashionable, our clothing collections offer the perfect combination of comfort and style for every workout and every occasion.

At Larkas, we attach great importance to ensuring that our customers not only feel comfortable in our clothing, but can also identify with it. Our products, carefully crafted from high quality materials, are designed to enhance the training experience. We are proud that our customers express their passion for fitness through our clothing and become part of our growing community.

We pay particular attention to the origin of our products. Our clothing, bottles and cups are produced and shipped exclusively in Germany. For items such as canvases, posters and accessories, including duffle bags, meal prep boxes and backpacks, we prefer suppliers from EU countries. In rare cases when delivery bottlenecks occur, we can rely on manufacturers from third countries, such as the USA, but this only happens in exceptional cases (experience has shown that this affects a maximum of 50 orders per year).

Since the end of 2023, we have expanded our product range to better meet the requirements and wishes of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. We at Larkas are grateful for the continued interest and support of our customers and look forward to accompanying and supporting you on your bodybuilding journey with our products.